Succession List
1 Sri Gangadhar Behera Jr. Lecturer Hindi 15.08.2009- 30.04.2010
2 Dr. Hemanta Kumar Garai Lecturer in Education 01.05.2010- 09.03.2014
3 Sri Tapan Kumar Malik Lecturer in Statistics 10.03.2014- 06.02.2017
4 Sri Debashis Das Jr. Lecturer Chemistry 07.02.2017- 21.08.2017
5 Dr. Dillip Kumar Mallik Jr.Lecturer Pol.Sci 22.08.2017- 10.09.2017
6 Sri Doctor Tudu Jr. Lecturer Zoology 11.09.2017- Continue
  1. a) To be immediately responsible to the Principal-cum-Warden for the maintenance of discipline among boarders
  2. b) To live in the quarters provided to him,
  3. c) To supervise the study of boarders during prescribed study hours,
  4. d) To control the menial establishments of the Hostel,
  5. e) To supervise all Hostel Accounts,
  6. f) To look after the welfare of the boarders and to create a congenial academic & hygienic atmosphere of the Hostel,
  7. g) To conduct the Athletic & other activities of the hostel,
  8. h) To do such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Principal-Cum-Warden.
  9. Allotment of seats in the hostel is according to the direction of the Superintendent.
  10. Boarders are not permitted to take any direct action against cook or other workers of the Hostel. All complaints should be brought to the notice of the Superintendent.
  11. During the absence of the Superintendent, the Asst. Superintendent shall exercise all the powers and function for the Superintendent.