Messing Agreement
  1. There shall be a Mess Committee consisting of Mess Secretary, Asst. Mess Secretary and two members of each class to be elected from amongst the boarders at the time of general election at the beginning of the session. The Committee is to assist the Hostel authorities with suggestions for the improvement of the quality of the diet.
  2. The Asst. Superintendent exclusively shall remain in-charge of the Hostel Mess. The Asst. Superintendent shall receive money as advance towards running the mess and shall check the rations issued date-wise and ensure that the quality food is provided to the boarders as per the menu prepared by the Mess Committee. The entire exercise towards running the mess shall be executed by the Mess Manager under direct supervision of the Asst. Superintendent and the members of the Mess Committee
  3. All outstanding mess dues against boarders shall be cleared up by 15th of next month. If the boarder fails to clear up his mess dues by the scheduled date of the month his meals will be stopped from the morning of 16th of the month.
  4. The Collection of fees and mess dues shall be deposited in a S.B. Pass Book in any one of the nationalized banks to be operated by the Superintendent of the Hostel.
  5. Boarders should take their meals in a disciplined way in the Hostel dining hall set apart for the purpose. None should ask for normal meals being served in his room.
  6. Whenever a boarder falls ill/sick, diet is to be prepared in the mess and if necessary may be brought from outside according to the instructions of the Superintendent/Asst. Superintendent as per the advice of the Medical Officer. Extra charges for the sick meal will be realized if it exceeds the cost of the ordinary meal of the hostel.
  7. Guest meals are allowed only with the approval of the Superintendent provided in advance notice is given to the Mess Manager by making necessary entries in the register. One boarder is permitted to entertain his guest in the mess only for 03 days in a month. Such a guest can only be entertained with the permission of the Superintendent/Asst. Superintendent as the recognized guest.
  8. In no case Hostel utensils for dining purpose can be taken to the rooms of the boarders. In emergencies meals can be served in the rooms in the personal utensils like plate, mug, glass etc. for the boarders.
  9. Boarders are entitled to get refund of their mess charges for the days they remain absent from the Hostel and the mess.
  10. Mess establishment charges of the hostel shall be collected from the month of June to the month of May of the next year (the educational session).