Hostel Rules & Regulations
  1. No student shall be admitted in the College Hostel until he is admitted into the College. Students seeking admission into the College Hostel have to apply for it when making on-line/off-line for admission into the College in the process of e-admission. Selection for hostel admission shall be made from among the applicants strictly on the basis of marks secured at the H.S.C. examination.
  2. The Superintendent shall allow admission into the Hostel only to those students who produce the fee-receipt of admission to the College Hostel issued from the College office for Rs.62/- towards Hostel Admission fee and Seat rent.
  3. A student at the time of admission into the Hostel in the first year shall pay towards admission fee for Rs.3315/- and Re-Admission fee of Rs.1860/- in the Second year.
  4. The caution money for Hostel & Mess may be utilized towards payment for breakages due to him after he has left the term.
  5. Students living in the Hostel shall be considered to be under the direct control of the College authorities not only during college hours but also all times.
  6. Leave of absence from the Hostel must in all cases be obtained in advance from the Superintendent or the Principal. It will not ordinarily be granted unless a written request is made by the boarder with the signature of the parents/natural guardian nor should a boarder overstay his leave granted.
  7. Application for withdrawal from the Hostel should be made by the guardians. No boarder will be permitted to leave the Hostel without the permission of the Superintendent who will ascertain that all dues to the Hostel have been paid by the boarder.
  8. The Hostel along with messing remains closed during ‘Durga Puja’ & ‘Summer’ vacations.
  9. Table, Chair, Cot & Utensils are supplied to the boarders for their use. In case of any theft/breakage of the same during the period of their use shall be recovered from the boarder concerned.
  10. The Superintendent shall fix the daily routine for study hours of the boarders which should be strictly followed by the boarders.
  11. No boarder shall remain absent from the Hostel after 09.00 P.M. without the prior permission of the Superintendent. Any violation of this rule will be seriously dealt with.
  12. Boarders must in all cases obtain previous permission of the Principal before joining or taking part in any meeting or association outside the College.
  13. Only selected papers like, Magazine, New papers etc. shall be placed in the Hostel Common Room. Rules for the Common Room shall be framed by the Superintendent. Undesirable reading materials shall not be allowed to the Hostel Common Room. 
  14. The following will be considered as breach of discipline.-
    • Unauthorized absence from the Hostel,
    • Continued negligence of duties,
    • Want of cleanliness of the living room,
    • Spitting inside the living room and on the verandah etc.
    • Singing or playing on musical instruments beyond specified hours & gossiping with fellow boarders during study hours,
    • Absence from the Hostel after 09.00 P.M. without the prior permission of the Superintendent.
    • Writing in any way or disfiguring the walls, doors and windows of the building and furniture.
    • Holding of any meeting in the Hostel except with the approval of the Superintendent
    • Use of intoxicants and tobacco,
    • Strike/hunger strike by the boarder or boarders
    • Tampering with or damaging Hostel properties
    • Use of motorcycle or possession of motorcycle in the hostel campus by the boarders
    • Misconduct of any other description.
  15. Boarders may be removed from the Hostel by the Warden of the Hostel on the report of the Superintendent for gross misconduct.
  16. Electric fans & lights should be switched off while leaving the rooms,
  17. No person on-rolls of the College should be allowed to occupy even temporarily in the vacant seat of the Hostel except:-
    • Father or natural guardian of boarders
    • Athletic teams from other colleges & persons may be allowed to reside in the hostel with due permission of the Superintendent or the Principal
  18. Electric Bulbs for the purpose of use inside the living room shall be procured by the boarders themselves
  19. Only the natural and local guardians can visit the boarders. College students can not be local guardian unless they are in direct relationship with boarders.
  20. Visiting hours are to be strictly followed as mentioned-
    • From 4.30 P.M. to 6.00 P.M. on working days
    • From 8.00 A.M. to 10.00 A.M. and 4.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M. on holidays