Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Hostel should consist of the following members elected by the secret votes and which should be duly approved by the Superintendent.

  1.  General Secretary
  2.  Asst General Secretary
  3.  Mess Secretary
  4.  Mess Secretary
  5.  Athletic Secretary
  6.  Athletic Secretary
  7.  Common Room Secretary
  8.  Common Room Secretary
  9.  Dramatic Secretary
  10.  Class representatives: one from each class

            The Superintendent will be the ex-officio President of the Committee and Asst Superintendent will be the ex-officio Vice-President. The object of the Committee is to promote the extra-curricular activities among the boarders and in particular:

  1. To provide and maintain Common Room facilities
  2.  To maintain the Hostel Library
  3.  To provide Indoor games
  4.  To organize Annual competitions in general knowledge, games etc.
  5.  To make messing arrangements for the boarders.